Letter to Pastors

Dear Pastor,

Receive my warmest greetings and blessings in Christ.
At La Viña we value the hard work you put into your church. Our Ministry Institute desires to help pastors and bless the church through the formation of the youth who have a desire to give their lives in service of the ministry in a practical and radical way.

Our 3 levels of training are focused on students developing a deeper relationship with the Lord, forging their character and training them to become more efficient servants in ministry.

Level 1 - Ministerial Institute

This level consists of 4 and a half months of intensive training under 4 principles: Intimicy with God, Biblical Teaching, Character Development and Missions.

Level 2 - Ministerial Training

This 6 month long level consists on formal ministry training with classes, missions, devotional times and practical training in ministry.

Level 3 - Ministerial Experience

This level consists on 6 months of real service in ministry in different areas like Nacions Church, Esperanza Viva Youth Home, Educational Christian School, La Viña Ministry Institute, Mission Trips with LHI Missions, and others.

Since 2003, La Viña has admitted students from all over Mexico and other parts of the world. We have kept close ties of friendship with many of the alumni. It is a joy for us to see that many of them are currently serving the Lord in different areas and ministries like rehabilitation centers, orphanages, youth ministries, pastors and missions among other things.

We would love to be part of the transformations and growth of the youth from your church and to connect with you and your church.


Pastor Jerry McNally
Naciones Church


Tel: (222) 221-1349 ext. 106

Carril Primero de Serrano s/n
San Mateo Cuanalá
Juan C. Bonilla, Puebla, México C.P. 72640